Update: Scoring in the finals

The scores for the final stages will be taken from the official UEFA & FIFA score which is the score after extra time but before penalties.


The fee must be paid before the start of the tournament – at the latest, one day before the start of the first game (June 8th).
If the money is not received, you can just play a long for fun.
The entry fee that will make up the winning pot, is £5 (to be paid to David Collis).
The pot will be split as follows:

  • 1st Place: 60% of the pot.
  • 2nd Place: 30% of the pot.
  • 3rd Place: 10% of the pot.

When registering, you only need a login name to specify that you want to play and a valid email address. Through this address, we will notify you of any prize, so make sure that it is a valid address.


Predict the final score of all the matches during the tournament. This can be up to 15 minutes before the start of the game. So, you have the ability to change your predictions during the tournament.
The time on the server is binding. So be on time if you still want to change scores.

When the teams are known for the finals, they will be put on the site. And for these games you also have until 15 minutes before the game to update your score. Of course, if you want to take a big gamble, you may enter scores at the start of the tournament.


During the tournament you can earn extra points through the bonus questions. These are open questions that have to be answered by a specific date. The question will show the date and the number of points you can earn.


Goals scored in a penalty shoot-out are not included in the determination of the scoring.
You get points when you appoint the right winner or correctly predict a draw. If you guess the exact final score, you get extra points.

  • Correct result: 2 Points.
  • Correct scores: 4 Points.
  • Bonus questions: various.

There may be bonus points for correctly guessing results/scores in the finals. This is currently undecided, but perhaps 3/6 points rather than 2/4. This will be finalised before the tournament starts.


Each player during the tournament has 1 “joker”. This joker can double the number of points for a chosen game. You can use the wildcard for any game you want, as long as you have the ability to update the score for the game.
The joker is active when the prediction period for the contest has expired, an activated joker can not be moved or re-deployed, so make your choice carefully (typically, you’d pick a game where you were particularly sure of an outcome – e.g. a 0-0 result). A joker can not be used in a bonus question.


When several players have an equal number of points, the following will be used as deciders (in order):

  • Number of correct scores.
  • Number of correct results.
  • Number of bonus questions answered.

If this doesn’t decide the outcome, then there will either be some kind of play-off game or the pot will be split.


Can the system be hacked by one of the geeks that are likely to be playing?

Yes, I suppose it could be. However, there are offline backups taken of the database before every game. If someone appears to be doing better than they should, the backups can be checked to see if any scores were changed after a game was played.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placed users will be checked at the end to ensure they haven’t cheated.


Go to the WordPress team, who have built software that lets me sling up a website in <5 mins.
Also, thanks to Antoine Hurkmans for his fantastic Football Pool plugin for WordPress, which meant putting this site together was an extremely simple task.